Hand-drawn retro fonts and graphic design resources for your next creative project.

Retro Fonts and Graphic Design Resources
80s Horror Fonts and Design Resources
Retro Script Font by Wingsart Studio
Retro tiki inspired font for film titles and book covers
Hand-drawn fonts and graphic design resources
Textured Stencil Fonts and graphic design resources
Synthwave Movie Title Design

Inspired by classic movie title design.

Marketing movies in the 1980s was a colourful business. Eye-catching posters adorned with exciting hand-lettered titles, these spontaneous whips of the designers brush now represent the coolest decade in film design. Our tools aim to replicate this look offering designers original hand-drawn lettering with the simplicity of fonts.

Neon Font Collection by Wingsart Studio
VHS Video Cover Fonts
Retro Style Pin-Up Illustrations
Retro 1980s Patterns
1950s Jazz Inspired Illustrations
Retro Fonts and Graphic Design Templates

A unique collection of hand-drawn fonts, illustrations and design templates.

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Retro Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Exclusive fonts and hand-drawn lettering when you need something more than system defaults. A growing collection of script, sans and serif styles available.

Professional Quality Stock Illustration by Wingsart


Professional quality stock illustrations for posters, packaging, magazines or blogs, all in editable vector formats.

Retro 1980s Logo Design Templates. Also available on Creative Market, Envato Elements and Design Cuts


Print and motion graphics design templates. Fully editable with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects..

Free textures for Retro Looking Design Work


Add an authentic material or an aged texture look to your digital graphics with these high-resolution natural texture overlays..

Retro 1980s Patterns for T-shirts, Posters and Design Projects


Editable and repeatable patterns for when you need to create themed wallpapers, fabrics, backgrounds and set decorations.

Lil Squid
These graphics are just wonderful! I was able to edit each element in Illustrator. Exactly what I needed, and expertly crafted.

Joshua O’Connor
These are super! Love everything about them and especially because they’re seamless. You can create some pretty cool patterns.

This is beyond amazing! Comprehensive, high quality and so much fun to play around and create with! Thank You!

Hot off the drawing board.

Inspired by vintage design and pop-culture, these retro fonts and graphic resources are an essential addition to your own creative projects.

Endless Sunrise 80s VHS Cover Font
Jupiter Mission: A Science-Fiction Font Spectacular by Wingsart Studio
Last Dance 80s VHS Script Font by Wing's Art Studio
A new Sans Comic Font Family
Download Hawaiian shirt patterns
handmade 80s horror fonts
Vintage Tiki Fonts by Wingsart Studio
Retro Neon Font Collection by Wing's Art Studio
Download Make-up and Fashion Vector Icons Graphics
Neon Sign Collection for After Effects Vol1-01
Fast Rewind: Retro Brush Script Font
ReRun Stencil Font Collection
1980s Retro Graphics Collection by Christopher King
Surf Logo Design Templates for Photoshop
Nightmare Street - The Retro Halloween Font
Wingsart Studio - Fonts and Graphic Design Resources for Digital Creatives

Not your usual stock library.

One man’s mission.

Everything at Wingsart is designed and illustrated by Christopher King. A lone graphic designer on a mission to make good, eye-catching creative available to all. Inspired by everything from Art Deco, to mid-century design and 1980s VHS covers, Chris puts in the work believing that we can always do better than default system fonts.

Regular Freebies.

Not everything at Wingsart is about turning a buck. Some of our projects are made to help teach design, try out an idea or just share something cool. These are sent out in a newsletter every month or so (subscribe below) or you can try the growing list of free design resources.

Simple licensing.

With licenses to cover personal and commercial use, these design resources are great for individuals and businesses alike, offering a cost effective way to explore new ideas. Simply choose which license suits you best and start creating with confidence. Send me an email if you need something more specific.

Product updates.

All orders are served instantly once your purchase is complete. You’ll also receive all future updates via your account, absolutely free. Products are constantly improved with new features (for example the Neon Font Collection has just gained two new fonts!) and you’ll be notified by email when it’s available.

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