Hand-Drawn Lettering for Film Tiles by Wing's Art Studio

Fonts for Film and Television

From the first pencil sketch to final digital glyph, my designs live in the human imperfections that result in fonts that don’t look like fonts.

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A Christmas Gift

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Sentimental Feeling is a script font that aims to capture the festive magic of Christmas with a retro design inspired by 1950s magazine editorials, classic movies and real hand-written signatures. Enjoy huge savings on this festive classic throughout December with prices starting at just $2.

Download Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio

Off the Drawing Board

Most of my work happens away from the computer.

Before my fonts end up as digital products for you to use, I spend countless hours in research and development to get the perfect result. My process involves a huge amount of sketching, drawing, false-starts and re-draws; sometimes scrapping the whole thing to start again.

Throughout I’ll experiment with different pens, paints and drawing surfaces in search of the perfect line and texture. This process is about getting the fundamentals right at the very beginning and working through all the available options to give you the best possible product.

Fonts with Commercial Licenses

A license option to suit all projects big or small.

Most customers require a commercial license when they use fonts or graphics in products intended for sale. These four different license options are tailored to the most common demands, and vary depending on the size of your project or audience. It’s important to understand licenses and the few restrictions they have. Please contact me with any questions or specific requirements.

Read more about personal and commercial licenses >


The best option when using an asset within a project not intended for sale. This could be a school project, private party, club or social media post. Explicitly not for commercial projects.


Allows for use within products for sale and broadcast. A good choice for startups or short-run projects. Can be repurchased when the audience exceeds the license.

Extended Commercial:

Recommended for most customers. This covers a large scale commercial project, extending to online, broadcast, apps and games. Can be repurchased when the audience exceeds the license.

Studio & Corporate:

The least restrictive option allowing for unlimited print, online and broadcast. Recommended for use within an intellectual property, film and TV production, video-games, extended product licensing and sub-contracting.

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The Feel-Good
of the Summer

This unashamedly retro brush-script and sans-serif combo is inspired by 1980s movie posters, VHS covers and Friday nights at the video store. It’s about capturing the feel-good vibes of summer blockbusters that won our teenage hearts, while serving as the font for recreating a unique and nostalgic period. Read more >

1980s Script Fonts for Retro Designs
Fonts for Film and TV Shows

I’ve been lucky enough to see my work on screens big and small. Adding a hand-drawn touch to title designs for Disney, Marvel, Netflix and more.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves Movie Title

Zombies Among Movie Trailers

Paramount Pictures‘ Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves uses my hand-drawn brush font Zombie Punks in its movie trailer, adding contrast to the blocky lead text. Conceived as a grungy horror font inspired by 80s movie posters and VHS covers, this trailer uses it to great effect against the metallic, glistening blocks of a traditional fantasy typeface.

She-Hulk Attorney at Law Logo

Putting the She in She-Hulk

My 80s inspired script font Endless Sunrise can be seen here putting the She in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Used across the main titles and end credit sequences in effective contrast with Neue Helvetica Bold and Bold Condensed.

The Retro fabric patterns of Stranger Things

80s Fashion Turned Upside-Down

Taking advantage of the retro designs from our 1980s Fashion Patterns pack, the production designers on Stranger Things transformed an abandoned shopping-centre into the now iconic Starcourt Mall. It featured in several episodes of the show and the pop-up fan experience.

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Neon Font Collection

Neon Fonts and Lettering

A best-selling font family that replicates the timeless neon glow of glass-made letters. Includes my custom effects and presets for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Embrace the Neon! >

Neon signs and lettering

Illustrations, Graphics and Templates too.

I don’t just make great typefaces. Browse the shop and you’ll discover a host of professional design tools including some cool retro seamless patterns, deco design templates, 80s animated logos and much more.

Animated Neon Window Signs - Girls Legs

Motion Graphics:

Ready-made title stings, animated logos and effects. Perfect for YouTube intros, ads or production design elements. Includes fully editable artwork and After Effects files.

Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Professional quality stock illustrations for posters, packaging, magazines or blogs, all in editable vector formats.

Poster and Logo Design Templates


Print and motion graphics design templates. Fully editable with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects..

Vintage Textures for Digital Illustrators


Add an authentic material or an aged texture look to your digital graphics with these high-resolution natural texture overlays..

Digital Seamless patterns for fabrics


Editable and repeatable patterns for when you need to create themed wallpapers, fabrics, backgrounds and set decorations.

Lil Squid
These graphics are just wonderful! I was able to edit each element in Illustrator. Exactly what I needed, and expertly crafted.

Joshua O’Connor
These are super! Love everything about them and especially because they’re seamless. You can create some pretty cool patterns.

This is beyond amazing! Comprehensive, high quality and so much fun to play around and create with! Thank You!

Fonts and graphic design resources to kickstart your next creative project.
What is the She-Hulk Font?