A specially created collection of fonts and graphic design resources offering designers the power to replicate traditionally hand-made lettering from the comfort of their own computer.

Flashdance and Dirty Dancing inspired poster fonts
Film title and movie poster fonts by wingsart
Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio
The Phantom Isles Tiki Fonts

Fonts and graphic design resources to kickstart your next creative project.

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Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Exclusive fonts and custom lettering when you need something more than system defaults. A growing collection of script, sans and serif styles available.

Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Professional quality stock illustrations for posters, packaging, magazines or blogs, all in editable vector formats.

Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Print and motion graphics design templates. Fully editable with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects..

Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Editable and repeatable patterns for when you need to create themed wallpapers, fabrics, backgrounds and set decorations.

Fonts and Graphic Design Resources by Wingsart Studio


Add an authentic materials or an aged texture look to your digital graphics with these high-resolution natural texture overlays..

Time to start that new creative business?
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With licenses to cover all personal and business use, our design resources offer a cost effective way to add professional quality design to your projects. Simply choose which personal or commercial license suits you best and start creating with confidence.

Lil Squid
These graphics are just wonderful! I was able to edit each element in Illustrator. Exactly what I needed, and expertly crafted.

Joshua O’Connor
These are super! Love everything about them and especially because they’re seamless. You can create some pretty cool patterns.

This is beyond amazing! Comprehensive, high quality and so much fun to play around and create with! Thank You!

Chris King - Print and Motion Graphics Designer (silver fox, grey hair, men with grey hair)

Design and Illustration by Christopher King

With over 20 years experience as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, my work has ranged from children’s pop-up books to rock album covers, corporate identities, and licensed products for Warner Bros., Hasbro and Sony.

I work with clients to provide creative artwork for posters, film titles, and motion graphics.

Through Wingsart I offer a collection of downloadable design resources including fonts, illustrations and graphic design templates. These have been utilised by creative departments on TV shows such as Stranger Things and Boardwalk Empire.

I’ve appeared in the design magazines Computer Arts and Photoshop Creative, and featured as a movie poster artist in Matthew Chojancki’s best-selling book Alternative Movie Posters.

Proud to Work with

Film and TV logo Design Netflix HBO BBC
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