Handmade Fonts with Character

Welcome to Wingsart Studio. Home to Christopher King, a designer working in print, illustration and motion graphics. This multidisciplinary approach is used to create custom titles and ready-made fonts for the entertainment industry. Based in a small studio near Bristol, UK, and inspired by pop culture, cinema, comic books and vintage album covers, these fonts have gained a reputation for their fun-loving, retro aesthetic.

Wingsart Studio Fonts | Graphic Design by Christopher King

Screen Icons

From blockbuster films to indie press, Wingsart Studio fonts have appeared on screens big and small. You might have already seen them on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, blazing an 80s inspired script font across its main titles and end credit sequences.

Other recent projects include a collaboration with California based Devastudio announcing the revamped Apple Arcade, and some seriously eye-catching pattern designs on the set of Stranger Things.

Wingsart Studio Handmade Fonts and Design Resources

All in the Details

A Creative Process That Begins Away From The Computer.

Before a single letter becomes a downloadable product, countless hours are dedicated to research and development, combining the charm of hand-made artistry with the precision of digital tools. The Studio philosophy is to honor the quirks of real pens, pencils, paints, paper, and brushes, using digital tools to refine and amplify these characteristics. These fonts proudly showcase the synergy between human creativity and technological innovation, offering customers unique and beautifully crafted fonts that retain a personal touch.

They mostly come out at night… Mostly.

Browse these ready-made horror, brush-script, handwriting, sci-fi and even slime fonts! They offer an instant solution to your next project, or just the beginning of something great.

Hot Pursuit: A Hand-Drawn Grindhouse Roller Derby Font
Permanent Park – 1990s Graffiti Inspired Marker Pen Font
Space Armada – A Retro Future Font
Filthy Creation: An Outrageously Cartoonish Slime Font – Barf Bag Optional!
Cinema Macabre: Horror Fonts Torn from the Pages of Giallo
Retro Surf Fonts - Surfnik Font Download by Wingsart Studio
Sleeve Notes: A Hand-Written Script Font from the Analogue Age.
80s Horror Fonts - Zombie Punks Download by Wingsart Studio
Island Life – A Surf Font for Endless Summers
HorrorScope – A Hand-made Horror Font Foretelling Creepy Tales of Terror!
Last Dance: Redux – The 80s Feel-Good Script Font – Updated!
Download the best Free Horror fonts inspired by the 80s

Choosing the Right Product License

Most customers require a commercial license when they use fonts or graphics in products intended for sale. These four different license options are tailored to most common customer demands, and the right license will depend on the size of your project or audience.

All of your purchased products remain saved in your account and can be accessed anytime. You’ll also receive free future product updates and product support. If you have any questions regarding usage or what license best suits your purpose, please email me and i’ll be happy to help.


The best option when using an asset within a project not intended for sale. This could be a school project, private party, club or social media post. Explicitly not for commercial projects.


Allows for use within products for sale and broadcast. A good choice for startups or short-run projects. Can be repurchased when the audience exceeds the license.

Extended Commercial:

Recommended for most customers. This covers medium to large scale commercial project, extending to online, broadcast, apps and games. Can be repurchased when the audience exceeds the license.

Studio & Corporate:

Unlimited use in print, online and broadcast. Recommended for use within an intellectual property, film and TV production, video-games, extended product licensing and sub-contracting.

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