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Christopher King | Print and Motion Graphics Designer

Christopher King | Wing's Art Studio

With over 20 years of experience working as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I have developed projects ranging from children’s pop-up books to album covers, corporate identities and licensed product ranges for clients including Warner Bros., Hasbro and Sony.

I’ve have been featured in the design magazines Computer Arts and Photoshop Creative and contributed to popular blogs such as Spoon Graphics. As a life-long movie buff I was glad to have some of my illustrated posters appear in Matthew Chojancki’s best-selling book Alternative Movie Posters.

In addition to my work at Wing’s Art Studio, my client work focuses on promotional material for film and television projects including posters, trailers, title designs and opening/credit sequences. You can also see more at my IMDB page.

Clients Include: Skip-Hop, Livin’ Over Board, Las Iguanas, Kiddimoto Ltd, The Dollface Dames, The Steady Rollin’ Revue, Oxfam, Costa Coffee, E3 Media, Mobile Pie, Team Pixie, Net Minded, World of Golf, Small World News Service, Netflix, HBO, BBC, Momoco, Intermission Films, Zealot UK.

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I’m not much of a social media person, but I do occasionally post some experimental and behind-the-scenes stuff on my Instagram account.

You also might enjoy my Pinterest boards where I obsessively collect the work of my favourite artists, photographers and designers.

Finally, over on Youtube i’ve started to post flick through videos of recommended art and design related books.