Christopher King Graphic Type Designer

Graphic Type Designer

Christopher King Graphic Designer and Illustrator

With a professional background that spans graphic design, motion graphics and illustration, I use a multidisciplinary approach to create distinctive graphic fonts.

Growing up in Somerset, my childhood was quietly consumed by comics books, films and lots of drawing. After leaving school with average results in everything besides Art (then A-levels), I was lucky enough to find work as an assistant designer for a small children’s book publisher just a few miles away from home. This initial experience captured my enthusiasm for graphic design and gave me a solid grounding in design fundamentals while also introducing me to the now obsolete paste-up process, just as it was being replaced by the computer.

Moving to the City of Bath, I was again surrounded by talented artists who taught me the creative, business and technical aspects of publishing. After five years as a senior designer working on a successful range of illustrated pop-up books, I settled into a freelance career working on everything from newspaper layouts, menus, album covers, T-shirts, posters, video-games and branding projects.

Maintaining my illustration skills with a side-line in movie poster fan art, these unofficial posters caught the attention of Computer Arts and Photoshop Creative magazines, and appeared in Matthew Chojancki’s best-selling book Alternative Movie Posters.

Behind the scenes I also busy developing Wingsart Studio. Part portfolio, part shopfront; this website contains an evolving collection of downloadable graphic design resources, stock illustrations and design templates. Proving both successful and creatively satisfying, these products have become my main focus and eventually funded a diploma in motion graphics inspired by the likes of Saul Bass, Dan Perri and Pablo Ferro – all inspirational designers of film titles and opening credit sequences.

Recently I’ve worked with several major studios in the creation of film trailers, titles and branding concepts, and via Wingsart Studio have combined this professional experience into a series of graphic fonts targeted at the film, music and television industry.

My fonts and graphic products have gained a reputation for a fun, retro aesthetic and have provided a graphical flourish for the likes of Marvel’s She-Hulk, Dungeons & Dragons, Stranger Things and much more.

A Hand-Drawn Process: Most of my work happens away from the computer.

Before my fonts become digital products for you to use, I spend countless hours in research and development to fully establish an idea. My process involves a huge amount of sketching, drawing, false-starts and re-draws; sometimes scrapping the whole thing to start again.

Throughout I’ll experiment with different pens, paints and drawing surfaces in search of the perfect line and texture. This process is about getting the fundamentals right at the very beginning and working through all the available options to give you the best possible product.

Contact & Availability:

If you would like to enquire about collaborations or future commissions please make initial contact using the form below and I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

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    Finally, on Youtube you’ll find my flick through videos of recommended art and design books. An essential addition to anyones reference library.