Christopher King Illustrator and Designer

Christopher King:  Print & Motion Graphics

With over 20 years experience as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, my work has ranged from children’s pop-up books to rock album covers, corporate identities and licensed products for Warner Bros., Hasbro and Sony.

I’ve appeared in the design magazines Computer Arts and Photoshop Creative, and featured as a movie poster artist in Matthew Chojancki’s best-selling book Alternative Movie Posters.

At Wing’s Art Studio I work with clients to provide creative artwork for posters, film titles and motion graphics. In addition to this I also offer a collection of downloadable design resources including fonts, illustrations and graphic design templates. These have been utilised by creative departments on shows such as Stranger Things and Boardwalk Empire, along with YouTubers and hobbyists.


I currently work independently from my small studio in Somerset and happy to accept your enquires regarding freelance work. Please make initial contact using the form below. Thank you!


    Skip-Hop, Livin’ Over Board, Las Iguanas, Kiddimoto Ltd, The Dollface Dames, The Steady Rollin’ Revue, Oxfam, Costa Coffee, E3 Media, Mobile Pie, Team Pixie, Net Minded, World of Golf, Small World News Service, Netflix, HBO, BBC, Momoco, Intermission Films, Zealot UK.

    Social Media:

    You can find me on all the usual social media platforms, but I spend most of my time on Instagram.

    Also check out my Pinterest boards where I collect the work of artists, photographers, filmmakers, and designers you should know about.

    Finally, over on Youtube I post flick through videos of recommended art and design books.