Apple Arcade Is Open Devastudios Wingsart

Apple Arcade Is Open

If you visit you’ll find a recent collaboration with the lovely people at Devastudios that introduces the new updates to Apple Arcade! My job was to provide the perfect “is open” lettering across several different languages, incorporating my trademark retro flourish whist remaining unmistakably Apple. Thrilled to have worked on this! Produced at Devastudios
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Sky TV: A Town Called Malice

Sky TV: A Town Called Malice

Sky TVs 80s inspired show employs the font Last Dance by Wingsart Studio to portray it’s sun-soaked excess across social media marketing and trailers. A Town Called Malice: This intoxicating cocktail of crime thriller and family saga in the early ’80s follows the Lords - a family of South London gangsters who’ve fallen to the bottom…
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Phantom City Creative: Return of the Living Dead

Phantom City Creative: Return of the Living Dead

The Toronto based independent design studio Phantom City Creative found the perfect match for their movie poster art in the hand-drawn lettering of Street Punks. A suitably distressed font that compliments the illustrated poster design. Phantom City Creative is the award winning duo of Justin Erickson and Page Reynolds; renowned for their beautifully illustrated poster…
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She-Hulk Attorney at Law Logo

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Series Title Font

Adding a hand-drawn touch to it’s title design, the Marvel Studios series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law features my Endless Sunrise font used in contrast with Neue Helvetica Bold and Bold Condensed. This refreshingly fun looking series stars Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, a lawyer who specialises in superhuman-oriented legal cases. It also see’s…
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Army of Darkness Movie Poster Art

Army of Darkness

Comic book inspired poster art for Sam Raimi's third Evil Dead movie, Army of Darkness. Starting as a self-initiated project as a fan of the movie, this poster illustration caught the attention of the Ash vs Evil writing team and (I'm reliably informed) hangs on their office wall. The version shown here is a recent…
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The Good The Bad and The Ugly Movie Poster

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

An illustrated poster design for a Picture House cinema screening of this classic spaghetti western. I illustrated this poster design to accompany a special screening of Sergio Leone's classic western at London's Ritzy Picture House cinema. Working from DVD captures I sketched out a number of compositions, picking one which was later hand inked with…
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Michael Mann's Heat

Michael Mann’s Heat

A motion poster concept for Michael Mann's crime epic Heat; created using a 2D poster. Using the elements from an original poster design created in Photoshop, I created an animated sequence exploring the idea of motion posters as a potential replacement for traditional printed images; to be displayed in theatre waiting areas, ticket booths and…
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Key Largo Film Noir Movie Poster

Key Largo

One of my favourites of the film noir genre gets the illustrated film poster treatment. Besides from being a true classic of the 1940s film noir genre, Key Largo is also one of those great single setting films; trapping a stellar cast of volatile characters within the heart of a tropical storm, with tensions ready…
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Stranger Things Production Design

Stranger Things

I designed some seriously colourful graphics for season 3 of Stranger Things. Taking advantage of the pre-existing pattern designs from our 1980s Fashion Patterns pack, the production designers on Stranger Things transformed their sets into the perfect 80s shopping mall. Featured in several episodes of the show and the Starcourt Mall fan experience. 80s Fashions…
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Catherine the Great Title Sequence Concept

Catherine The Great

Opening title sequence and series logo concept for the HBO's Catherine The Great. Teaming up with the London based Momoco Ltd, we developed a series of concepts for the HBO/Sky Atlantic produced Catherine The Great. My brief was explore a design aesthetic taking inspiration from classic crime epics such as the Godfather. Title Explorations Opening…
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A low-key poster design for an experimental sci-fi short. A series of poster designs and film title explorations for an experimental sci-fi short by Rona Bradley. Theatrical Quad Poster Alternate Quad Alternate One Sheet Title Explorations
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Stanley Kubrick Film Titles


Opening title sequence for a festival of films by the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Designed to support a Channel 4 series of films by Stanley Kubrick, this sequence also represented by first serious work using Adobe After Effects. Designed before I had any real understanding of 3D software I overcame my own technical limitations with…
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Blood Type - Film Title Design by Christopher King

Blood Type

Movie title and theatrical poster design for the Korean short film Blood Type. A film produced on conjunction with The National Film and Television School for which I supplied a series of poster and main title designs; used for film festivals, theatrical exhibition and online marketing. Lead Poster Design Title Explorations Alternate Poster Design: 01…
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Meet The Clan TV Pilot

Meet The Clan

Title sequence, logo and stings for a TV pilot centred around video game clans. For this student project at the National Film and Television School, I designed and animated a series of title stings, lower thirds and other on-screen game elements for a reality show following a group of online gamers pitted against real-world challenges.…
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Chang-dong Lee Burning Movie Poster


Theatrical poster design for Chang-dong Lee's psychological thriller, Burning. A project in conjunction with students at the National Film and Television School, I developed a series of theatrical poster designs specifically targeted towards a 20-40 age group. Presented here are the two final designs each focusing on different aspects of the film; one a sophisticated…
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The Bind NFTS BBC Films

The Bind

Theatrical poster designs for the NFTS and BBC Films production, The Bind. These are poster designs created while studying at the National Film and Television Schools through their BBC Bridges to Industry scheme. I developed several title treatments and poster layouts using pre-selected stills, ultimately leading to these posters used for film festivals and brochures.…
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Boardwalk Empire Featured

Boardwalk Empire

An Art Deco navigation and menu design for the Blu Ray release of Boardwalk Empire. Using elements from my Art Deco Graphics Collection, the designers behind HBO's excellent Boardwalk Empire produced a stylised menu and navigation system for the series Blu Ray release. This included pop-up information on the cast, chapters, historical facts and location…
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Legend Ridley Scott Poster


An illustrated poster concept for Ridley Scott's fantasy classic Legend. Hand drawn with ink and brush, this poster concept for Ridley Scott's 80s fantasy film Legend, leads with the character of the Darkness played by Tim Curry. Close Up Lili and Unicorn Icon Good vs Evil Tim Curry (Aka Darkness) Sketchbook Early Concept Sketch Early…
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Vincent Price - Icons of Horror

Vincent Price

Celebrating the original icons of horror with a documentary piece on the legendary Vincent Price. Illustrated as part of a collection looking back on some of the original icons of horror cinema, this Vincent Price portrait was later used in a documentary that appeared on the special edition Blu Ray release of House of Wax.…
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The Naked Gun Illustrated Film Poster Christopher King

The Naked Gun

Frank Drebin returns in this illustrated poster for the new Alternative Movie Posters Book. Combining hand-inked outlines and Photoshop colours, this poster design for the excellent The Naked Gun was featured in Alternative Movie Posters, one of the first books to cover the growing underground movie poster scene. Final Poster Sketchbook Pencil Rough Original Inks
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Sexy Frankenstein Pin-Up

Electric Frankenstein

A music festival poster based around my own dream line-up. This pin-up illustration was hand-drawn in ink and brush and coloured in Adobe Illustrator after a careful vectorisation process. My idea for this was to replicate the gig poster art of the 1990s including a dream line-up of my own favourite grunge bands. Frankenstein Pin-Up…
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