Cigarettes for Kids!

Jarvis Cocker introduces this nostalgic trip to sweetshops of old where you can find The A-Team Bubble Gum, The Beatles Sweet Cigarettes (cigarettes for kids!) and Space Raiders competing for your 10p pocket money.

An obsessive collection discovered by Jonny Trunk and lovingly presented here with over 500 examples, this is a book full of eye-popping retro colour. On a purely graphic level, this is a great look at the aesthetic of 1970s and 80s packaging, incorporating film, TV, cartoons and sports, plus the effective use of a limited 2-3 colour palette to sell cheap sugar products.

While examples such as Tennent’s Housewives Choice confirm their place in history, there’s a clear relevance to the current 70s design resurgence and in that respect serves as excellent reference material for anyone working on projects of the period.

Wrappers Delight by Jonny Trunk
Fuel Books
240 Pages