The Wingsart Studio Newsletter: Spring 2023
The Wingsart Studio Newsletter
Wingsart Newsletter Spring 2023

Wingsart Studio – Spring 2023

Welcome to Spring 2023! The new year is off to a busy start for me, with two new fonts completed and some exciting (and currently very secret) projects that I hope to share soon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career goals lately too, in particular a long-held ambition to make a movie. I’ve loved cinema for as long as I can remember, and always knew I would work in the industry. But while I’ve been content to design titles and posters (I do also love the design side of things) I’ve started to take the idea of filmmaking more seriously. We only live once after all. I’m not short of ideas, but I struggle with story. Not just constructing a compelling story, but also finding an idea that motivates me enough to devote all that much time and energy.

Christopher King Graphic Designer and Illustrator

So I do what I always do in these situations; I read the crap out of something until I feel halfway confident enough to try it for myself. Which leads this issue to an overall filmmaking theme, full of my usual film and book recommendations, font spots, general ramblings, and even a word search! Enjoy, and don’t forget to use your exclusive discount code on my new fonts!

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New Fonts from Wingsart Studio
Sleeve Notes Font Download
Sleeve Notes Font Download
Sleeve Notes Font Download

Never one to shy away from nostalgia, both of my latest fonts are heavily inspired by visions of the past.

First, we have “Sleeve Notes”, a loose, hand-written script based on the sleeve (or liner notes) you used to find inside LPs, CDs and cassettes. Largely overlooked in the age of streaming, the packaging was (for me anyway) an important part of buying an album. Not just from a cool design perspective, but also the sense of craft that went into the overall experience. 

My second release is “Space Rocks”, a light-hearted font based around television sci-fi of the 1950s and the adventure that awaits on the rocky planet of Mars. It’s an all-caps design, specifically intended for big, bold titles that evoke classic shows such as Lost in Space, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and Star Trek. Click on the thumbnails to see more visuals, and use the exclusive voucher code below for 10% off!

Click on the thumbnails to see more visuals and use the exclusive voucher code below for 10% off!

Space Rocks Font Download
Space Rocks Font Download
Space Rocks Font Download
10% off Discount Code at Wingsart Studio
Fonts In Use: Wingsart Studio

I’ve written before about how Dan O’Bannon’s Return of the Living Dead is an all-time favourite of mine, even inspiring the name of my first ever font, Zombie Punks. This was later used in the trailer for the Dungeons & Dragons movie, and in a rare scan through Instagram I was thrilled to discover that the artistic duo at Phantom City Creative employed my follow-up font, Street Punks in their official ROTLD poster art – thus proving what goes around, comes around.

Return of the Living Dead Poster. Font by Wingsart Studio
Fonts in Use: Wingsart Studio

Another recent Font Spot includes my ever popular, Last Dance, as seen in the trailer and social media marketing for Sky TVs A Town Called Malice. A perfect fit for a show dripping in 80s style. And another appearance for Endless Sunrise, used in the poster for Sara Hennessy’s Ride or Die, designed by Nathan Boone.

The Creative Impulse: Film on Film


Hands-down my favourite film of 2022. This tells the story of Hollywood in transition from silent to sound during the 1920s, while playing with the myth-making scandals as written by Kenneth Anger in his similarly titled books. It’s a frenetic three hours of masterful cinema, with unforgettable set-pieces buzzing with an electric energy that holds you long after it’s closing credits. It oddly divided critics on release, with Joe Dante calling it “A hate letter to Cinema”, and Mark Kermode adding “an exhausting mess”, while audiences would claim it as the best film of the year. Partly let down by a mediocre marketing campaign, i’ll predict it’ll be rediscovered and regarded as a modern masterpiece. Another reason to consider Damien Chazelle as one of todays leading filmmakers.

The Fabelmans:

The shy boy in the corner compared to Babylon’s party animal, Steven Spielberg directs this personal story of Sammy Fabelman, whose love for film fights its way through family turmoil, high school strife and anti-semitism. It’s a lesson in following your passions despite self-doubt and the ignorant around you. Relatable for anyone who’s tried to make a life out of a perceived hobby. 

All That Jazz:

An expertly choreographed death spiral of a man addicted. Not least to booze, drugs and women, but also audience applause and idea of legacy. Essentially a snapshot of Bob Fosse’s life during the simultaneous making of Chicago and Lenny, this is a grown-up drama that dances through an otherwise bleak tale.

The Creative Impulse: Babylon, The Fabelmans and All That Jazz
Hidden Gems - Film Editing Documentary
The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing

The Cutting Edge:
The Magic of Movie Editing

While I would describe Bullitt as a dry cop thriller elevated by style, soundtrack and one killer car chase, if you dig deeper on the Blu Ray you’ll find two exceptional documentaries; Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool, and The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing. This editing doc is the true gem here, offering a history of film through an editors razor, with contributions from Martin Scorsese, Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Walter Murch, James Cameron, Jodie Foster, Paul Verhoeven, Quentin Tarantino and more. It’s an essential look at what a film editor does, and it’s probably already sitting in your Blu Ray collection!

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