Ivan Castro offers the perfect guide for teaching yourself how to create those cool hand-drawn scripts.

In The ABC of Custom Lettering, Ivan Castro has provided students with the definitive textbook on drawing their own letters. Doing for graphic writing what Andrew Loomis did for illustration with his renowned series, this is the perfect for sourcebook for teaching yourself how to nail that tricky, hand-drawn script.

Staring with some fundamental history, readers will learn about the correct tools and techniques while creating everything from formal Roman capitals to Latin lettering, mid-century inspired brush scripts and even a fully illustrated movie poster concept. Ivan breaks each tutorial down into enjoyable and accessible chunks, featuring his own examples serving as a guide along the way.

Well presented, informative and genuinely useful, I can easily imagine The ABC of Custom Lettering becoming the designer’s favourite for many years to come. Highly recommended.

The ABC of Custom Lettering by Ivan Castro
Korero Press
21.6 x 1.3 x 26 cm
160 Pages