Starting with a foreword by director Sylvain Chomet Belleville rendezvous, L’illusionniste) The World History of Animation by Steven Cavalier is a compressive look at the wide range of films, styles, techniques and ever advancing technologies from this most beloved of art forms.

From the earliest pioneer Winsor McCay, to key industry figures such as Walt Disney, Ray Harryhausen and Hayao Miyazaki, every facet of animation appears to be covered in this collection of short biographies and essays that offers budding enthusiasts a check-list of must see films along with lesser known or forgotten gems worth seeking out.

It’s well presented in an accessible fashion with quality photos and stills throughout, along with technical side notes and historical relevance of important films. While die-hard animation fans might protest some glaring omissions, it’s a perfect introduction to the magical world of animation and a book likely to spark a life-long passion in animators to come.

The World History of Animation by Stephen Cavalier
Aurum Press
Hardback 416 pages
24.3 x 26.8 cm