Jason Edmiston is an artist who understands the fun of Friday night horror films and the pop culture art that surrounds it. Whether he’s painting a portrait of the Bride of Frankenstein, posters for the films of John Carpenter, packaging for He-Man figures or prints of Khaleesi’s Dragon Babies, his work wears the badge of fandom with pride and celebrates the best of this once low-brow, now venerated work.

In Edmiston’s RoboCop painting for Gallery 1988 you’ll find no less than 13 movie references in an image that demands your attention and never feels messy or overworked – a pro at work. This new book, appropriately called ‘Visceral’ collects the majority of his work to date over nearly 300 pages, adding an in-depth look at his process across both analogue and digital techniques. Every image is beautifully presented in eye-popping colour (Basil Gogos would be proud) in a quality hardback format deserving of such category leading collection of work.

Visceral: The Art of Jason Edmiston
Hardcover, 288 pages
Cernunnos Books
22.4 x 2.5 x 29.2 cm