A look behind the scenes of Box Trolls, LAIKA’s latest animated feature, refreshing in it’s striking stop-motion visuals and gothic Victorian design.

The Art of The Box Trolls by Philip Brotherton offers readers another chance to go behind the scenes at LAIKA studios, creators of the recent animated hits Coraline and ParaNorman. Presented with their trademark stop-motion charm, The Box Trolls is a loose adaptation of Alan Snow’s children’s book Here Be Monsters, a darkly comic fable set against a grim Victorian setting with suitably Dickensian characters.

Like LAIKA’s earlier films, the visual style of The Box Trolls truly stands apart from its contemporaries and boasts a welcome hand-made quality that make its development all the more fascinating. From the graphic design of its signage and set dressing, to expressionist locations, Victorian technology and gothic character design, everything tells of a world-class production and an unforgettable viewing experience.

Chronicle have delivered yet another fantastic ‘making of’ with the now expected high quality images and informative text spanning all facets of the film’s production. A must have for Box Troll fans, and highly recommended for anyone interested in the process of stop-motion animation and design for film.

The Art of The Box Trolls by Philip Brotherton
Chronicle Books
Hardback 160 pages
28.6 x 24.6 x 2 cm