Bill and Ted Comic Book

Historical Personages

When a good reason to do a little sketching doesn’t present itself, I create my own. And this time it’s to resurrect an old and valuable habit. Acting as both an excuse to watch my favourite films and excellent drawing practice, these quick sketches of movie scenes was a technique I used to warm up…
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Video Time Trip #01: Ghostbusters (UK VHS Rental Tape, 1985)

Video Time Trip #01: Ghostbusters

Do you remember the days of rushing home from the local video store clutching that tape you're been waiting weeks for? The simple pleasure of Friday nights circled around the TV as you settle into this weeks rental choice? Welcome to the first episode of Video Time Trip, a series that explores the vintage movie…
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Legend Ridley Scott Poster


An illustrated poster concept for Ridley Scott's fantasy classic Legend. Hand drawn with ink and brush, this poster concept for Ridley Scott's 80s fantasy film Legend, leads with the character of the Darkness played by Tim Curry. Close Up Lili and Unicorn Icon Good vs Evil Tim Curry (Aka Darkness) Sketchbook Early Concept Sketch Early…
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The Terminator - Red Eyes

Terminator and Predator

What self-respecting, thirty-something sci-fi fan doesn't doddle Terminators and Predators. Along with the likes of RoboCop and Aliens, there are a core group of films that represent my teenage years and have left with them a love of film and cool, deadly creatures. Here's a mixture of digital and inked drawings based on the iconic…
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