Along with Walt Disney, Tex Avery and Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble stands among a group of men who changed the business of animation forever. But unlike Disney’s traditional approach to animation with realistic characters and highly detailed backgrounds, Maurice Noble applied his own sense of modern graphic design (often with creative partner Chuck Jones) to pioneer bold statements in animation that continues to inspire the industry today.

Compiled from various interviews, discussions, and Noble’s own unfinished step-by-step guide, The Noble Approach – Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design offers readers a unique look at the design process that gave the world so many timeless classics such as, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Duck Dogers in the 24 1/2th Century and What’s Opera Doc. Through an in-depth look at his own artistic influences, methods of breaking down details, colour theory and compositional design, you gain a real sense of Noble’s skill as a designer and film maker, with genuine lessons to be learned.

A more thorough look at the making of animated features might be found in the brilliant Setting the Scene, but in a period where most animation leans on a CGI crutch, the opportunity to learn age-old lessons from a true master such as Noble should be considered one to jump on.

The Noble Approach – Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design by Tod Polson
Chronicle Books
Hardback 176 pages
29 x 25 x 1.8 cm