Maly Siri take’s you on a tour of the good and bad girls of classic Hollywood. 

Maly Sari is a French pin-up artist who’s work i’ve been following for while, ever since I was introduced to to her stunning portraits of the vintage screen icons Hedy Lamarr, Bette Davis and Greta Garbo. We both clearly share a love of old Hollywood and mid-century illustration, and in her new book Maly Siri’s Pin-Up Art she takes the reader on a tour of the ’30, ‘40s and ‘50s in her own unique way.

A double-sided book covering both good girls and bad girls, it’s a large format collection of her sketches, paintings and poster concepts among a variety of tidbits on the movie stars and personalities of the era. A small problem is that all the text is in French (it’s only available as a French language import at the moment), but the artwork is more than enough to keep me interested.

It’s an inspiring collection of work featuring beautiful pin-ups, portraits and illustrated scenes that’s sure to appeal to any fan of golden-age illustration. Recommended.

Maly Siri’s Pin-Up Art
Soleil Productions
24 x 1.5 x 31 cm