An artist who added colour to the classic horror of a black and white era, Basil Gogos is the true King of Monsters.

No other body of work represents the world of classic horror quite like the that of the artist Basil Gogos. A classically skilled painter who added Technicolor to our memories of black and white classics such as The Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy, his images remain icons of the genre.

In the book, Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos by Kerry Gammill and J. David Spurlock, illustration fans are treated to the first comprehensive look at Gogos’ prolific career, from his earliest paperback covers to album covers for musicians such as Electric Frankenstein and Rob Zombie, who also provides an introduction.

The focus is quite rightly placed on the magazine covers painted for Famous Monsters of Filmland and later Monsterscene, where the work is at its peak; bold, colourful and effective to the point where you’ll be left disappointed that the films themselves don’t look this good! Beautifully painted portraits of Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price are reproduced in superb quality (predominantly taken from the original art) among a host of all your ghoulish favourites.

Basil Gogos truly deserves the title of ‘King of Monsters’, and this book comes highly recommended for fans of classic horror and illustration alike.