In 2006 the ever popular comic book artist Robert Crumb introduced us via a book of portraits, profiles and accompanying music to his Heroes of Blues, Jazz and Country. Following the same format, it’s now William Stout’s turn to present his Legends of the Blues. Again, another legendary comic book artist, Bill Stout is also well-known for his work as a storyboard artist and production designer on the finest zombie film ever made (and there is no discussion on this) The Return of the Living Dead.

His work has taken on a decidedly Crumb like appearance here ensuring that this book sits nicely alongside Crumb’s original volume and proves as equally impressive. 100 portraits fill the books pages, bringing to life favourites such as Howlin’ Wolf, Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters and countless less familiar (to me anyway) musicians, making this a hugely enjoyable and educational trip through the history of Blues music. Topped off with 14 track CD dripping with authenticity, it’s a perfect pairing of art forms and a soul rousing feast for eyes and ears. Highly recommend.

Legends of the Blues by William Stout
Abrams ComicArts
Hardback 224 pages
14.9 x 2.3 x 18.7 cm

Also available: R.Crumb’s Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country