Featuring work from one of our greatest living artists and member of the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame, The Art of Robert E. McGinnis is an essential collection for fans pop culture art.

Although recognised for his iconic poster illustrations for films such as Breakfast and Tiffany’s, Live and Let Die and Barbarella, it’s the paperback covers that, for me at least, remain his enduring appeal.

Boasting square-jawed spies and private I’s, coupled with supermodels with the signature McGinnis legs, these sophisticated pin-ups are painted with a style and elegance straight out of the fashion magazines.

The Art of Robert E. McGinnis includes a broad overview of his many book covers starting with the Mike Shayne series of the late 1950s, up to the latest Hard Case Crime covers of 2013 for Stephen King.

A selection of film work and lifestyle magazine illustration is also included, along with his more personal gallery work containing beautiful landscapes and a series of cinematic scenes inspired by John Wayne and the American Old West.

Although I can only guess at how much more work could have been included in this book, what’s here is well presented with a good commentary from Art Scott. McGinnis’s portrait work is a masterclass in getting the most out of your reference photography, with his skillful exaggeration of the human form worthy of study for any artist.

I’ll always be glad to see more from what must be a huge portfolio, but for now this collection from Titan Books is both long overdue and most welcome. Highly recommended.

The Art of Robert E. McGinnis by Art Scott
Titan Books
Hardback 176 pages
23.6 x 2 x 31 cm