An illustrated poster concept and comic book for the classic jury room drama 12 Angry Men.

If you’re searching for film to lift your spirits I highly recommended the classic legal drama, 12 Angry Men. An exceptionally well written examination of what happens when one lone member of a jury questions the evidence in a potential murder case.

This illustrated poster design and quick comic strip were drawn with ink and brush with additional colour and text added in Adobe Photoshop.

12 Angry Men Landscape Poster
Landscape Poster Design

12 Angry Men Portrait Poster
12 Angry Men Portrait Design

12 Angry Men Comic Book
12 Angry Men: The Comic Book


12 Angry Men Drawings
Henry Fonda Pencils

12 Angry Men Drawings
Inks, Layered on Tracing Paper

12 Angry Men Drawings
Comic Book Pencils

12 Angry Men Drawings
Comic Book Inks