Nintendo, Action-Figures and Street Fighter II. Star Wars, Batman and Universal Monsters. Get ready for Geek-Art: An Anthology.

All art is somehow influenced by its surroundings, so it comes as no surprise that a generation exposed on video-games, film, TV and advertising, develops its own form of celebratory art form, Geek-Art.

In Geek-Art: An Anthology, Thomas Olivri collects 750 examples from nearly 100 artists with images ranging from digital art and photography to sculpture and paper cuts, taking influences from ‘low-brow’ sources such as Nintendo, Star Wars, Street Fighter II and Blade Runner.

A mixed bag of minimalist posters, pixel art and classical oil painting, it’s a fun collection of well-executed work that pays testament to the legacy of these pop-culture icons and the importance they hold for each individual artist. Running at over 400 pages, it’s represents the definitive snapshot of this unique sub-culture.

Geek-Art: An Anthology by Thomas Olivri
Chronicle Books
Paperback 416 pages
21 x 4.1 x 25.7 cm