Who is Wing’s Art Studio?

Hi. I’m Chris, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Somerset, UK. Using my experience as a professional designer of over 20 years, i’ve created a range of products responding to the creative needs i’ve found along the way. Over the next few minutes i’ll describe what you can expect to find in one of my products and how you might benefit from the tools inside.

My Crayon Texture Pack is great example, so lets take a look…

Crayon Textures

My career started as an illustrator of children’s pop-up books.

The publishing industry is full of inspirational work, but it’s a business that often requires a designer to work flexibly and fast to meet tight deadlines. Vector graphics are a great time saving tool, and the ability to edit and scale images without any loss in quality extends their usage into promotional material, merchandise and even animation.

While vectors offer advantages over traditional raster images, their digital nature can often look sterile – great for corporate logos, but rarely for complex illustration work. With this Crayon pack I wanted to make it easy for designers to apply real world textures to their vector illustrations without losing any of the benefits. 

Crayon Textures and Shapes

I set about drawing all kinds of crayon textures, lines and shapes, and experimented with how these might be brought into Adobe Illustrator.

Vector illustrations are made up of many points that tell the software what to display. The more points, the more complex the graphic and the harder your computer has to work to show these graphics. The aim here is not to slow you down, so finding the right balance of points verses authenticity was key.

Hours of experimentation brought the results you can see above. An useful tool for designers that will become part of your daily workflow. Perfect for adding texture or grain to text, hand-drawn details to a design or photograph, or simply filling an area with a repeatable texture. All easily changeable and scalable with the power of vector graphics.

Cute Novelty Patterns

Included in the Crayon pack are a selection of ready-made novelty patterns.

Use them out of the box or as a starting point for your own designs on wallpapers, fabrics, posters or products. They’re great to use within your own illustrations too and only hint at the creative possibilities now available to you.

I pack as much value into my products as I can, so you’ll often find bonus extras inside too, such as this high-resolution photograph and additional textures and usage examples to help get you started. You’ll even find some of my own illustrated characters that you can deconstruct and learn how they made using the included assets.

High Res Photos
Crayon Black Textures

The cowboy illustration below demonstrates how you could use these basic elements to create an authentic looking illustration out of some simple shapes, textures and patterns – all ready and waiting in one brilliantly useful design pack. The rest is up to you…

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Happy Customers:

Crayon brush texture

“We used them to help us design our wedding table names, invites, table plans, RSVPs, etc – so just wanted to say a huge thank you, they were worth every penny. We had great comments about them and would not have been possible to make them without your templates!”

Dan Arnold – Creative Market Customer

“Christopher’s designs and illustrations are the best I’ve ever had done for my company. I told him what I wanted and he brilliantly created new flyers and designs for my specific requests. I would definitely recommend him.”

Kira Turnage – Actor/Producer

“I had to design an 80th anniversary celebration event invitation (for an organisation established in 1934) and these were perfect designs for the job. Thanks so much! They were beautifully set up in such a way as to make editing a breeze and I’m really happy with the results!”

R.E Griffiths – Creative Market Customer

“I’m an English teacher and I used these for a set of interactive smartboard lessons on The Great Gatsby. They form the background on each slide. My 8th graders have been ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the designs. Beautiful! Thanks so much!”

Anne Levy – Creative Market Customer

“Chris aka Wing’s Art Studio is the only client to ever gift me SEGA Saturn games, if that isn’t enough he’s one of the most stylish, creative and personable illustrators I’ve ever met. His poster work is effortlessly cool, smart and striking, invoking a time and place you wish you lived.”

Will Luton – Games Designer

“I would thoroughly recommend Chris. He is professional, deliversexactly what we require and really easy to work with.”

Cheryl Franklin – Production Director

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