Do you remember the days of rushing home from the local video store clutching that tape you’re been waiting weeks for? The simple pleasure of Friday nights circled around the TV as you settle into this week’s rental of choice?

Welcome to Video Time Trip, a series that explores the vintage movie trailers, ads and competitions as you would have seen them, in all their VHS glory.

Along with interesting facts and info along the way, this series hopes to be an archive of design and fashion trends, and maybe a reminder of some long forgotten films. So kick back and indulge in some heady nostalgia as we watch the opening trailers for Rocky IV – UK VHS Rental, 1986!


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:36 – Warner Bros. Logo History
  • 00:51 – Cobra
  • 01:36 – Police Academy 3: Back in Training
  • 02:54 – American Flyers
  • 04:16 – After Hours
  • 06:14 – National Lampoon’s European Faction
  • 07:34 – Rocky IV Intro
  • 08:28 – Thanks for Watching!

Concept and design 2023 Christopher King / Wingsart Studio

The footage/images used in this video are intended for educational, historical and archive purposes.