The Art of Wreck It Ralph

The Art of Wreck-It Ralph is the next in Chronicle Book’s excellent behind the scenes series, this time taking a look at Disney’s latest video game inspired feature.

Maggie Malone and Jennifer Lee Monn introduce us to Wreck-It Ralph, a Donkey Kong like figure and baddy of the 8-bit era, on a journey to prove himself through all the popular gaming conventions. Starting with 3D visualisations that create real worlds out of NES style blocky graphics, the story travels through the latest epic shooters and candy coloured racers. Something that presents the films main challenge for the designers in how to combine all these different graphical styles into a believable, cross-genre whole. This is achieved both through the plot device of Game Central Station, a portal into all kinds of game worlds and some expertly handled design work on the part of the film’s creators.

Sketches from Bill Schwab, Glen Keane and Jim Kim stand out for their charming and characterful style and the background designs boast of some brilliantly inventive locations sure to inspire its own video game no doubt; a game based on a film, based on a game, or several games even! The book is out now and Wreck-It Ralph hits uk cinemas in the UK on Feb 15th 2013.

The Art of Wreck It Ralph – By Jennifer Lee and Maggie Malone
Chronicle Books
Hardback 160 pages
27.9 x 2.5 x 22.9 cm