The Wingsart Studio Graphic Design Resource Library

1980s Retro Graphics Collection

Go full 80s with this huge collection of retro inspired graphics including editable logos, posters, seamless patterns, illustrations and more!

1980s Retro Graphics Collection by Christopher King
1980s Logo Design Templates
1980s Fashion Patterns Volume Two by Wing's Art Studio
1980s Title Logo Animation Templates For After Effects
1980s Poster Design Templates
1980s Retro Fashion Patterns Vol:1

The Video Store Collection

A current work in progress, this is a growing collection of hand-drawn fonts that bask in the nostalgia of VHS cover art and video rental store memories.

Last Dance Retro 80s VHS Script Font by Wing's Art Studio
Nightmare Street - The Retro Halloween Font
Zombie Punks - Wing's Art Studio

Neon Fonts and Graphics

Enjoy the timeless appeal of neon signs and lettering with this collection of fonts and graphics templates.

Retro Neon Font Collection by Wing's Art Studio
Neon Sign Collection for After Effects Vol1-01
Neon Font - Outline by Wing's Art Studio
Neon Font - Inline by Wing's Art Studio
Neon Font - Script by Wing's Art Studio

The Cinematic Type Collection

Specially designed fonts for film poster designers covering everything from impactful main titles to credit blocks.

Due Credit: The Movie Poster Font by Wing's Art Studio
Long rider - The Cowboy Font_Cover
The Movie Poster Credit Block Font by Wings Art Studio

The Quick Texture Collection

Add a hand-made feel to your digital work with these high-resolution textures, provided as seamless patterns for an easy way to cover any area with a textured look.

Leather Textures
Wax Crayon Textures and Patterns
Download Free Design Resources
Paper Texture and Patterns
Cotton Textures and Patterns

The Tiki and Hawaiian Summer Collection

Grab your own slice of Polynesian paradise with this collection of Hawaiian prints, logo templates and illustrations.

Download Hawaiian shirt patterns
Tiki and Hawiian Prints
Tiki Idols Illustrations
Tiki Cocktails
Tiki Logo

1950s and Mid-Century Design Collection

From retro diner menus to mid-century novelty prints, these design templates, logos and patterns are perfect for the 1950s enthusiast.

Musical: Design Templates and Illustrations inspired by Classic Hollywood and Cool Jazz
Free 1950s Diner Images
1950s vintage novelty prints

The Fashion Blogger Collection

Over a hundred illustration objects, portraits and seamless patterns offering fashion bloggers an instant library of design elements.

Download Make-up and Fashion Vector Icons Graphics
Seamless Fashion Pattern Swatches
Fashion Props and Objects Illustration Collection

Surf and Turf Sports Collection

A collection of sporting logo templates, badges and illustrations covering both surf and turf.

Surf Logo Design Templates for Photoshop
Athleisure Sportswear Patterns
Running and Sports Graphic Templates

The Elegant Art Deco Collection

Relive the golden-age of Great Gatsby and 1920s jazz parties with this collection of templates, illustrations and patterns.

Vintage Art Deco Graphics Collection by Wing's Art Studio
Art Deco Graphics Collection Vol 1

More Favourites

These products stand on their own terms representing a particular theme through graphic ideas. Take the time to search out some gems!

Children's Storybook Illustrations
Protest Graphics and Templates by Wing's Art Studio
Vintage Hollywood Movie Title Templates
Flags of the World Vector Illustrations
Pin-Up Illustrations and Poster Templates
Art Nouveau Design Templates
Sci-Fi Illustrations and Design Templates
Art Studio Illustrations - Create Your Own Art Studio
Download retro graphics and design elements
Playtime - Children's Illustrations and Clip Art Set
Ancient Egypt Vector Illustrations and Design Templates