Setting the Scene by Fraser Maclean

I’ve literally just turned the very last page of Setting The Scene by Fraser MacLean and although my brain may be suffering information overload, I also feel satisfied that i’ve just read one the definitive books on the subject of animation. A book that concentrates specifically on the discipline of layout design (and its inevitable merge with other studio departments), but also serves as a comprehensive history of the art form, detailing the earliest days of pioneers like Windsor MacCay to the very latest CG, 3D and computer game production.

MacLean garners interviews from some of the industries most influential patrons including Don Bluth, Brad Bird and Roy Naisbitt (The American Tale, The Iron Giant & Roger Rabbit) and presents a valuable bank of knowledge and technique that was developed to bring these classic animated shorts & feature-length movies to the world. From artistic concepts such as light, composition and staging, to modern technical achievements and the possibilities that the future might bring. Everything appears to be covered and thus proves the book’s most salient point; that whilst often overlooked or misunderstood, layout design is in everything.

Setting The Scene; The Art and Evolution of Animation Layout – By Fraser MacLean
Chronicle Books
Hardback 272 pages
28.6 x 24.8 x 2.8 cm