Peace of Mind with a Commercial License as Standard

You Can:

  • Use resources to create a free end product or product for sale.
  • Use resources within personal and contracted client projects.
  • Use resources for broadcast in film, television and online video.

You Cannot:

  • Use resources on their own. Resources must be used as part of a wider project or design.
  • Redistribute, sublicense or share resources.
  • Resell as digital stock images/downloads.
  • Provide clients with the source product files.
  • Embed fonts within designs for a third party who are not licensed.
  • Use for sale ‘as is’ on Print on Demand products/websites.
  • Deconstruct illustration/patterns/textures and resell the individual parts.
  • Use Resources in multiple projects. Resources must be licensed on a per project basis. (For example, producing a t-shirt design for a client is one project. Using the same resources on a video project for another client is a second project)
  • Use these resources to promote any unlawful or offensive purpose.

Check Your Vendor

If you have previously purchased one of my products from a vendor such as Creative Market, Design Cuts, Envato or You Work For Them please check with their specific policies regarding usage rights.

If you would like to upgrade a previously purchased license to a commercial license please contact me. The can be arranged for a small fee.