Illustrators Magazine

Brand new from The Book Palace is the quarterly magazine Illustrators. A first of its kind for the UK in that it focuses purely on the work produced by commercial artists and illustrators of Europe. Following a very similar format to the already well established and popular USA based Illustration Magazine, it offers articles, interviews and looks behind the scenes at the creation of artwork from the world of pulp fiction, fashion, advertising and editorial. Most importantly the artwork is reproduced to a very high standard using high-resolution scans of the original artwork wherever possible.

Issue One features an in-depth look at the hardboiled art of Denis McLoughlin, an interview with the Commando comic book illustrator Ian Kennedy, the 60’s chic of Angel Badia Camps and the amorous advertising work of Cheri Herouard.

Illustrators Issue One was released this summer and gets a hearty recommendation from me. All illustration enthusiasts should definitely check it out. It’s priced at £15 and can be purchased from directly from The Book Palace.

Illustrators Magazine
The Book Palace
Paperback 96 pages
21.5 x 28 x 1 cm


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