Textured and Handmade Fonts for an Authentic Retro Style

These hand-drawn fonts all started life on the drawing board using a variation of brushes, inks and paints. They deliberately hold on to all the grungy textures and imperfections of something drawn for a truly handmade look when used as digital fonts.

Typography in Action

These display fonts work great when used as headlines or titles, and often come with alternative characters that further sell the idea that your type designs are handmade. For example, some will come supplied with several ‘e’ glyphs so you never have to use repeat characters.

Retro Aerobics ang Gym Fonts by Wing's Art Studio
Zombie Punks - 80s Retro Horror Font
1980s video titles and spine designs
Fast Rewind: Retro Brush Script Font
Vintage Tiki Fonts by Wingsart Studio
Great Handmade Fonts for an Authentic Retro Style

There’s more to come!

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