Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers

Something a little different this week with Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers. A collection of engaging visual exercises geared toward those of us working in the art and graphic design industries. Chris Elkerton and Dave Gouveia – design veterans whose collective clients include Discovery Films, Levis and IMAX – present a collection of puzzles, games and activities based around everyday topics such as computer technology, design theory, print processes, fine art and the environment. The otherwise sleep inducing specifics of DPI, PPI, LPI and other forgettable printing terms are imaginatively turned into exercises that do a great job making important, but somewhat unexciting information infinitely more memorable.

A particular factoid that even taught this ‘expert’ something was to be found in the quiz “I Command-Z Thee!”. A surprising keyboard shortcut (Apple Mac users try pressing cmd + opt +ctrl 8 for a moment) that in all my years working with Apple computers had never discovered and duly felt compelled to share on twitter, starting quite the discussion inspiring others to share their own tips. Which I think is the book’s major strength; a mass of fascinating information to share and have fun with whilst even learning a thing or two.

In itself an impressive example of information design and also an inexpensive and enjoyable way to learn some of the intricate in’s and out’s and do’s and don’t’s of the graphic design world.

Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers – By Dave Gouveia & Chris Elkerton
HOW Books
Paperback 192 pages
22.9 x 20.1 x 2.3 cm