Daniel Zimmer’s Illustration Magazine

Daniel Zimmer’s Illustration Magazine

Secondly this week I want to hopefully introduce of a few of you to Daniel Zimmer’s superb Illustration Magazine. Produced by The Illustrated Press, the folks who brought us the excellent reference books 41 Illustrators, Norman Saunders and H.J. Ward, this quarterly publication documents the finest commercial illustration of the past from areas of popular culture including pulp magazines, paperbacks, comic books, advertising, fashion and more. This beautifully made magazine features full colour reproductions of original artwork throughout, along with insightful articles on the individual artist’s working process, often including rare studio photographs and working drawings. You can expect to find among its pages a broad spectrum of work ranging from the highly popular Haddon H. Sundblom (originator of Coca-Cola’s classic Santa Clause) to the unsung and long forgotten Perry Peterson (see below). No other magazine available today offers so much education on these past masters and it’s editorial team should be appluded for their work in insuring that this important work isn’t overlooked. Seek it out at your local book shop or follow the links below. This should be top of every illustrator and illustration fan’s reading list.

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Illustration Magazine – By Daniel Zimmer
The Illustrated Press
Full Colour, Quarterly, 100+ pages 
28cm x 21.7cm

Bernet – By Manuel Auad

Bernet by Manuel Auad collects the work of Spanish comic book artist Jordi Bernet, known for his work on the Belgian comics magazine SpirouTorpedo, a short run on Batman and most recently Jonah Hex. Introduced by Will Eisner and with comment from many others including Joe Kubert, this is a collection of noir tinged (not to mention rather saucy) pen and ink work that displays a seemingly effortless style that many illustrators seek to attain. In Eisner’s introduction he states states;

“Here was a man who was producing pure story-telling art. That is art that uses the kind of minimalism so singular to his draftsmanship that is actually a narrative device in itself. This fit into my own philosophy of sequential narrative art. I pursued the progress of his work with great interest”.

A glance through the book shows just how fitting a statement this is and the similarities in style of the two artists becomes very evident. Both have a confident looseness to their brush that seems to offer more visual information than is really there with equally effective layout and page design. A sure sign of an artist at the top of their game and a book worth studying for anyone attempting to master brush, pen and ink, myself included!

Bernet – By Manuel Auad
Auad Publishing
Hardcover, 240 pages
28.8 x 21.8 x 1.8 cm