A hand-drawn brush script font inspired by 80s teen dramas, dance & aerobics movies.

The next in my Video Store Font Collection, this brush script font is inspired by the feelgood dance movie genre unique to the 1980s, with their epic moves and dance routines built around a power pop soundtrack. Think Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Perfect and Heavenly Bodies.

Top Tip: When you’re designing a title or logo that needs a true handmade look, avoid using repeat characters like ‘ee’ for ‘oo’ in your lettering as this is a dead give-away that your using a font. That’s why Last Dance comes with three alternative styles for every character allowing you to mix things up and maintain that unpredictable, human touch.

Check out the letters, o, k, e and t in these examples and you’ll notice that they’re all subtlety different which gives a more convincing hand drawn aesthetic. As with all of the fonts in my Video Store Collection, it’s all about making fonts that don’t look like fonts and embracing the creative imperfections.

Last Dance 1980s Video Collection Fonts
Cool 80s Font from Videos
1980s Movie Poster Font by Wingsart
Hand-drawn script fonts by Wingsart
80s Brush Script Font by Wingsart
Retro Brush Script Movie Poster by wingsart
80s ex-rental video spines
1980s Retro Fonts by Wingsart
1980s video lettering by wingsart
1980s video titles and spine designs

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